During the photo shoot, 3 factors must come together under the right conditions. One of this trio is Shutter Speed.

What is Shutter Speed?

It means “instantly, suddenly” in French (instantané). In the photography, the system that controls how long the light passing through the aperture will remain in the sensor is called shutter speed. That is, when we press the button (shutter) to take a photo, the light-sensitive area receives light. Displayed right next to the aperture on cameras. In the modes on the left, it corresponds to S Mode (shutter mode).
You can change the shutter speed by putting your DSLR camera in S mode and turning the wheel on the right.

what is shutter speed?

What Values Does Shutter Speed Have?

There are various speeds on the shutter, it starts with 30 seconds and continues until 1/8000.
Values ​​below 1 second are 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1 / 4000, 1/8000

Those over 1 second take the value 2, 4, 8, 15, 30.

Each jump of these values ​​means that when the conditions such as aperture and ISO are the same, double the exposure is light.

1/1000 means one thousandth of a second. So in such a time, the light mechanism turns on and off. If you think that blinking is at the rate of one-twenty of a second, you can easily understand how fast the shutter value of 1/1000 is.

How Does Shutter Speed Affect Photography?

We can use values ​​such as 1/125, 1 / 250,1 / 800 to freeze high speed objects.

shutter speed explain
f / 5.6 1/800

We should use lower speeds such as 1/30 1/20 1/15 1/10 to shoot in low light conditions.

shutter speed explaining
F / 4 1/15 ISO 800

shutter speed
F / 6.3 1/4 ISO 200

shutter speed
F / 10 1/400 ISO 200

what is shutter speed
F / 7.1 30sec Lo 1.0

what is shutter speed
f / 14 2sec ISO 200

If we take a photo of a running person with a shutter speed like 1/10, there will be movement imperfection. Whatever happens, it is wrong to shoot at the highest shutter speed. Because if there is less light in the environment, less light will enter inside at shutter speeds such as 1/2000, your photo will loss exposure and your photo will be dark.

People who use their machines in automatic mode are mostly wrong when shooting moving objects. Because the machine can never predict the speed and movement of the object you will shoot, so it cannot give a correct shutter speed. If you want to control the movement when you are shooting, definitely put your camera in S Mode.

Freezing movements in low light can be very difficult. To prevent this, you will either increase the ISO value or use the extra light sources. In the example below, the aperture and ISO are held constant, and only the shutter speeds are changed. Light and object clarity in low shutter speed and object clarity between high shutter speed can be easily observed.

shutter speed comparison

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May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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