In cases where we cannot auto focus, we have to adjust the focus settings of our camera ourselves. This process is called manual focus, as we make these settings ourselves and do not give this job to the camera. In summary, if we do the focus, not the camera, this is called manual focus.

Sharpening cannot be done easily for two reasons when focusing manually. The first is that the distance to the moving subject cannot be adjusted well, and the other is that the movement speed of the subject, that is, the time traveled in unit time, cannot be accurately estimated.

Although overcoming these two problems is more experience dependent, it is easiest to achieve the focus according to a point where the model will pass, follow the movement through the viewfinder and press the shutter when the model passes through that point. With such a shot, a freeze motion image of the moving subject can be obtained.

what is manual focus

Despite all its perfection, there will be situations in which autofocus systems can be inadequate. Manual focus settings on medium and upper class machines have been made for these situations. Generally, AF / MF is changed with a single button and focus is controlled via the LCD screen.

Manual focus is not a substitute for autofocus, but manual focusing is necessary due to the fact that autofocus is insufficient to follow the motion when shooting moving subjects, the point to be sharpened is too light and too dark, the light is inadequate, and similar problems in composing.

When used in conjunction with aperture and shutter, you can achieve excellent and interesting results with manual focus.

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