Digital photo manipulation term, often used for photography, is the conversion of parts of an existing photo with various photo processing software into a surreal digital photo, which is very different from combining it using different effects. Playing with only light, contrast, cropping, and color settings on a photo is not considered manipulation. There are huge differences between the first version and the final version of the photo that is fully processed.

Today, with the rapid advancement of technology, it is possible to perform digital manipulation in photographs, even professionally and even with software on our mobile phone. Photo enthusiasts do not like it very much. Others love it and take the photography to a different dimension. If you see the first version of a photo manipulated on it, it is as much as you would say if it is this photo. Digital manipulation will exist today and in the future, just as in the past, whether some love it or not.

If we look at who made the first digital manipulation in history, it was made by Oscar Rejlander in 1857 by bringing together 32 negatives. The work, called Two Sides of Life, was very successful according to the conditions of that time. Manipulation, which was accepted as visual art in the 1900s, came to the fore in terms of effectively telling a truth.

photo manipulation

So let’s come to today. With the advancement of technology, the arts made with a technological device such as photography have changed day by day. In the past, you had to print a photo, send it to the newspaper, print it and distribute it to the country by car. Today, it is possible to take a photo within 5 seconds and share it with the world. As a result of the technology affecting photography so much, manipulation on the photography was also affected. Although this influence has led to a lot of controversy, the freedom of everyone to do something has not eliminated digital manipulation.

Whether art is for art, or for society, is a major topic of debate, but the photography that has settled in the art world has created multi-level and sometimes low-level works of art. Let’s not forget that it is very difficult to think of a photo separately from the one who took that photo, especially if this photo contains an emotion. However, digital manipulation, which disables photography and the photographer, disconnects the digital work it has created from all this and brings it to a separate world.

Digital manipulation creates another emotion and world by changing the emotion or element and frame that photographs hold. A photograph created with digital manipulation now turns away from the subject, and becomes the emotion of the person who makes changes.

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