What is a blue hour in photography? The blue hour is the time of twilight, which occurs before sunrise or after sunset, when almost the entire sky is filled with blue.

Blue or a gold hour is actually the most convenient time to create beautiful compositions after sunset.

In this time period, where you can capture the most efficient and beautiful shades, especially for beautiful landscape photos, the sun’s rays have softened and lost their effect compared to other times of the day.

How Do I Find The Blue Hour (Gold) Time Zone to take Photo?

blue hour in photography

Of course, with the help of technology, let’s give the first answer. However, our advice is that if you have time to take a landscape photo that gives you the option of sunset, you can go for the sunset and then step directly into the blue hour process.

If you don’t have time to take photos and you’re wondering about the time zone where there’s only a blue hour for your location. As we mentioned in the beginning, it is enough to use a mobile app that can give you this information using your smartphone and location.

For this, you can use one of Jeko Photo’s Twilight Calculator program on the web, and as an alternative iPhone application is also available. Golden-Hour.com I’ll recommend this site.

These sites show you the gold and blue hours of where you’re shooting. My advice would be to use the Golden-Hour.com site in the first place. Because if you have a location feature on a current computer you are using, it instantly shows your location and immediately transfers the blue hours. Because the iPhone app finds direct location, it won’t be a problem anyway.

What Is A Blue Hour In Photography?

On the Twilight Calculator, you can simply enter the information about where to shoot in the search section, and then select the gold and/or Blue time zones in the mode section.

In addition BlueHourSite.com let’s remind you that you can also use the site. Similarly, in terms of location and date, it gives you full time intervals for sunset, sunrise, and blue hour.


As you can see, you need to improve yourself in photography and plan for the right light, as in any business, even if you have increased your photographic perspective over time.

To adjust the background of your landscape photo for light, if possible, pre-observe the shooting location under different lighting conditions and plan for shooting at the right time. We hope you will produce beautiful photographs in this beautiful time frame.

If you need more ideas like newborn photography, technique, tips and tutorials you can check our Photography page here.

May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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