What is the aperture? The easiest answer to the question is: “It is called the system that determines how intensity and big of the rays reflected from the object will fall on the camera.”

The aperture controls the intensity of the light and the depth of field and has two basic functions. The value is denoted by F. So what is this f? On Nikon machines, we come up with A mode (aperture priority mode).

You can think of the aperture as a blind curtain in a house window. If the venetian blind is closed or low, so little light will enter the house. The more open the venetian blind, the more light enters the house. The bigger the opening, the quicker the light in the environment collects and reaches the mirror. This also allows us to take more effective photos in low-light environments.

What is Aperture in Photography? – How To Control the Value and Adjustment?

What Values Does Aperture Have?

Aperture valuesNow you know what the f value is. So let’s look at what these increases and decreases mean. It takes values ​​like f 1.0- f 1.2 – f1.4 – f1.8 – f2 – f2.8 – f4 – f5.6 – f8 – f11 – f16…. With each increase in value, the amount of light entering the machine is reduced to half of the previous amount.

In other words, as the number increases, the aperture decreases.
As seen in the picture below, more light will enter inside due to the openness of the low aperture blades. In the example below, the least light will enter at f / 16.

How Does It Affect Photography?
The aperture does not only adjust the amount of light. It directly affects the resulting image. The less light falls on the sensor, for example, the open aperture (small f-value) causes the rest of the areas to be blurred while the area we focus on is clear. This also makes your subject in the photo more prominent.

This situation is expressed as depth of field. In other words, the subject you have focused on is completely separated from other areas (this effect changes according to your lens characteristics and distance to the subject). On the contrary, if you want a larger area of ​​your photo to be clear, we will need to increase the f value (large f value) (For example, in landscape shots).

Aperture can be changed with the help of a wheel after Nikon has placed your camera in A mode (other topics will be discussed in advance).

what is aperture mode

How to Read Aperture Values?
So how do we read these f-values ​​appearing on the lenses? Let’s try to explain these values ​​by taking Nikon 18-105 mm VR Lens f/3.5-5.6G ED kit lens as an example.

nikon lens

It writes f/3.5-5.6 on our kit lens.

The first value, f 3.5 is the smallest f value

The second value, f 5.6, represents the biggest f-value that our lens has.

nikon fixed lens
If you have a fixed focal length lens like nikon 50mm f /1.4, since it has a single focal length, the widest aperture value in that focal length, the smallest f value, writes on the lens.

The aperture that gives depth to your photo should also be ideally adjusted as it will also determine the effect of the subject. The other two of the three main factors of taking a photo, “What is Shutter Speed?” and “What is ISO?” We also recommend you to read our articles.

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May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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