Why should we take raw photo format? Here are 5 important reasons why you need to take your photos in RAW format.

Why should we use raw format on DSLR cameras? DSLR cameras do not save our photos in a single format. These file formats can be raw or tiff formats as well as jpeg, which are used quite often. In this article we will discuss the importance of RAW and why you should shoot RAW directly without addressing other file formats.

RAW is defined as the negative of digital cameras. They allow the raw data on the CCD or CMOS to be stored without any visual processing. Settings such as white balance, curves, color balance, and sharpness are saved in RAW as separate elements. The data saved in this way allows the photographer to edit the RAW image without losing the image quality.

5 Important Reasons To Take Raw Photo

shooting in raw format

1. Storing Photos Forward-Looking

Saving and processing photos for the future is perhaps one of the most important things for taking Raw pictures. A RAW file contains all the information from the moment the shot is transferred to the camera sensor. If we take and store our photos in raw format, we will need to have RAW files containing all the information if we want to edit the photos differently with new applications in the future.

2. To Be Able To Correct White Balance

The auto white balance of the DSLR camera you are using is actually good for most scenes. On the other hand, when editing a RAW file, the first touch is usually the white balance. Your camera may not be able to adjust the white balance for each scene.

You can correct the white balance by processing RAW without disturbing the information contained in the photo. All you need to do is just try different color temperatures until you reach the perfect white balance for you.

3. Reduce Noise

Another advantage of taking Raw photos is that you can reduce the noise in the captured photos. While reducing noise, you can also adjust the exposure of the image, as well as the loss of noise reduction in JPEG images will result in much more positive results in a RAW image. Your loss amount in raw photo processing is always much less than in JPG files. If you are shooting at dusk or at night, you must shoot RAW to reduce noise.

4. Improve Photo Editing

There are some very nice tools for editing RAW files. Most of these tools fix things such as distortion, chromatic aberration, lens softness.

5. Getting Good Prints

One of the easiest reasons to answer would be to get good prints. If you edit a photo to print, it can be a cropping, correcting colors, or giving sharpness, while the photo you’re processing is JPG, you’ll lose more pixels than RAW. Work with RAW photos to get good prints.

To summarize, the JPG file format should be the final stage for your photo. If you want to edit and process a photo, shoot with RAW instead of JPG and choose the RAW file format.

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