Taking photos in rainy weather is hard work. Especially the torrential rain can force you quite hard. Especially in spring, when the future of sudden rains are not certain whether or not the photographer needs to pay attention to some issues. In this article you can find some tips for rain photography

It is quite enjoyable to walk through the nature, which smells good. From a photographic point of view, the natural conditions that occur after the rain stops make the ideal environment for taking pictures.

Green leaves are more saturated and vibrant, leaves on the ground look good, as well as water droplets on leaves and flowers, allowing you to different compositions.

So if we are in a rainy weather and want to take pictures, what should we pay attention to. Here are tips for taking pictures in the rain!

Great Tips For Rain Photography

rainy photography

1. Protect Your Camera

Yeah, safety first. First of all, we secure our precious camera. Make sure you have a raincoat for this. You can choose from one of the millions of items sold privately, or simply take any grocery bag and tear the bottom of your lens long enough for the tip to come out. Wrap the machine by inserting your hand through the handle. You can protect your machine as long as it doesn’t rain too hard. Of course, don’t forget to use UV filters for your lens.

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2. Stay In A Sheltered Place

You may not always need to be a warrior 🙂 You can sit at a table overlooking the street of cafes when it’s raining, or take your shots from under a sheltered eaves.

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3. Capture Reflections

Think about the reflections, just like when you first started taking photos. You did this too many times! The wet ground can make spectacular games of light and shade. So don’t neglect the reflections. Rain times may be the day you take the most beautiful reflection photos.

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4. Use Flash

It doesn’t hurt to use some flash. If you use a flash during a photo shoot while it’s raining, you’ll also catch raindrops in the air. This makes the drops appear in your photos in the form of beautiful twinkles. If you don’t use flash and prefer natural light, take a photo in front of light sources such as a street lamp or a billboard.

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5. Catch The Phrases

People’s moods vary when it rains. If it is in the street, it can put it in a hectic mood, if it is in traffic, if it is nervous and if it is indoors, it can put it in a comfortable and pleasant mood. You watch the people and their expressions when it rains. You can create many different portraits and compositions.

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6. Umbrella

Yes, we should have said this in the beginning. Always carry an umbrella with you. This will protect you, and if the umbrella is colored, you can see the effects of the umbrella naturally reflected in your photo.

Rain photography may seem unnecessary to some and may be a job that may not be done. But as we always say, a good photography needs labor.

If you need more ideas, technique, tips and tutorials you can check our Photography page here.

May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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