Very few things in life are as pleasurable and worth doing as taking a baby photos. Here are a few easy and important newborn photography tips to make these special photos more effective.

Newborn Photography Tips

1-Feel Free To Press The Shutter Button!

Babies are unpredictable … so we never know what they’re going to do when. So don’t wait to get the best shot. One of the 30 photos you will take will surely be the best shot when you press the shutter button. Assuming you have enough daylight, select ISO 100-400 and use a wide aperture range (F/2-f/8) for a shallow depth of field. Set your camera to continuous shooting mode.

baby photography

2-Check The Light

The best baby photos are taken in daylight, where natural daylight is bright. Natural light gives a great focus on those soft and smooth skin of babies. If possible, opt for light from the window and avoid intense sunlight. Because the intense sunlight will create shadows in the photograph, and of course it is not suitable for the health of babies either. The standard 50 mm lens is well suited for such a shot. Set your camera to Aperture Priority(AV) mode, select high ISO and wide aperture. Let the camera find the right shutter speed. Use an external flash (with diffuser) to fill in the dark spots.

3 – Come On Smile To Me Baby!

You may need to do exaggerated movements to catch a reaction when shooting with babies. You can use hundreds of ways to create a smile on a baby’s face, like making funny faces, playing hide-and-seek among a few items, or making fun noises. You have to work very fast to capture that moment. Set the shutter speed to 1/500s or higher to achieve a blurry background, use a wide aperture(F/1.8-f/4) and press the shutter button!

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4-Select Simple Backgrounds

Simple baby photos are often the best. There is no need for very flashy or bright backgrounds. The best way to shoot a professional is to use some white, grey or beige fabric between two chairs. Just place the fabric on the edge of a window with a few toys…turn the Aperture Priority(AV) mode and select the desired aperture. Feel free to increase the ISO if the light from the window is not enough. Spot metering the baby’s face and focus on his eyes.

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5-Make Shooting Memorable

Try to capture babies during games or with friends and family so you can take memorable photos. The siblings will provide an extra joy to the photo, especially if their ages are close together. Try to photograph them as much as possible playing together, eating, interacting with friends. Stand back and wait for their friendship to come to the fore. Try to take the photos from behind so as not to interrupt what they’re doing. Place babies in an area where they can receive natural light, such as near a large window. Allow your machine to use a flash if necessary.

baby photo tips

6-Be Brave

Black-and-white photos are classic, timeless photos. It’s also perfect for photographing babies. Change the setting of your camera to Aperture Priority Mode(AV) mode, and select the wide aperture range for a soft, fuzzy background. Select Spot metering mode and measure the baby’s face. When shooting in Monochrome, black or white backgrounds are the most striking, and contrast in light will add a dramatic effect to the photo.

newborn photo tips

Recommended Settings

Usually when shooting with babies, we want to be quick and shoot without hesitation. So we have to choose fast shutter speed and high ISOs. There can be no worse situation than shooting a great moment blurry because the shutter speed is so slow. You can choose the shutter speed of 1/500s in good daylight. The f/5.6 and wider aperture ranges also allow you to take sharp shots without sacrificing shutter speed.

Recommended Equipment

For a newborn photography a good camera and a standard 50mm lens are suitable for baby portraits. Try to select your aperture at f/1.8 and lower so you can achieve higher shutter speed and sharper shots( f/1.4, f/1.2). If you use a beanbag instead of a tripod, you can hold the camera more steady and be closer to the floor, which is the level of babies. The silver or white reflector is also ideal for reflecting light and getting a softer and better image.


Babies alone in most photos are already pretty enough. They offer great opportunities for beautiful photographs without even the need for special compositions. Always try to take more photos than you need. Try to be as friendly and playful as possible. If you are nervous and stressed, babies feel it very easily and become restless. You need to be relaxed and calm when taking a baby photo. Don’t forget to be helpful. Approach them gently(when they cry, when they need something, when they crawl, etc.). If the baby is restless, make sure to break a few hours to take photos. Watch for a moment when they’re happy and then take the photo. If your baby is going to be on someone’s lap, make sure their faces are as close together as possible. The fact that faces are close together makes the relationship between your baby and that person more beautiful.

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May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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