We always want our photos to look sharper. Achieving sharp images depends as much on the technical quality of our shots as on the correct editing. Today we will work on “giving sharpness to photos with Photoshop”. We will learn to make our photos as sharp as ”knives” with screenshots through Adobe Photoshop.

1-First of all, we open our photo with Photoshop that we want to give sharpness.

photoshop sharpness tutorial

2-Photoshop allows to give sharpness to our photos in different ways. The first one is” Sharpen Tool”.

3-When we select the Sharpen tool, the settings of this tool appear in the top menu. It is necessary to avoid values as high as possible when giving sharpness. You can get nice results with the settings you see below.

The most beautiful feature of the Sharpen tool is that it gives sharpness to the desired area. So when this tool is selected, you can give sharpness to the area you want like painting.

4-There are also various sharpness filters in Photoshop. If you need to explain these filters in order;

Sharpen: Low sharpness applies to the whole picture You can superimpose it.
Sharpen Edges: Applies sharpness to the edges of the photo. You can superimpose it.
Sharpen More: applies high precision there to the whole photo. You can superimpose it.
Smart Shape: Photoshop’s smart sharpness tool. When you click to this tool, you come across a menu like this.
Here you can adjust the ratio and angle of sharpness to apply to the photo. You can also see the effect of sharpness live on the left side of the menu.

Unsharp Mask: One of the oldest precision methods of Photoshop. This filter serves as the same as the Smart Sharpen filter. However, in general, the Smart Sharpen filter can be said to function better.

photoshop sharpness tutorial

High Pass: High Pass filter is another filter that can give sharpness to your photos thanks to Photoshop. To use this filter, you need to duplicate your existing photo layer and “overlay” the blend mode. It is a highly effective sharpness filter.

As a result, you can give your photos sharpness with the methods we mentioned above. The most important point to be careful about sharpness is not to exaggerate. Over-applied sharpness is quite bad for the eye.

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May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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