Creative photography ideas at home is one of the most great way to improve your photography during COVID-19. In that spirit, we’ve put together a list of simple home-based photography projects that you can easily do in your quarantine days and that will help you become the photographer you want to be.

Use Your Kitchen Time Creatively

photography tips at home

Let’s start with the basics in photography ideas at home. In these times when you spend most of your time at home, especially if you try different dishes and recipes, you can take creative photos as much as your meals. At this point, you can try to photograph not only the presentation of the dish, but also the stages of its preparation. You can also create a composition from the kitchen utensils while editing the scene.

Take advantage of different lights

photography ideas at home

If you are dealing with photography, you know that you cannot always meet the conditions you want. For example, it may be difficult for you to catch the ideal light and ideal positioning. However, you can use the lights of different intensity and color in your home by using your home as a studio. You can even reflect the bokeh technique using the near and far lights.

Create Atmosphere with Fabrics

photo ideas at home

If you have trouble creating a studio at home, you can use the fabrics in your home. You can create your own background by using fabrics with different patterns, light transmittance and texture. You can also use fabrics to capture creative perspectives, not just ground.

Nature Photography at Home

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Of course, it will not be possible to copy nature photography, which requires a lot of patience and observation, while you are at home. However, you can also do your best to take the camera at home. You can photograph animal friends or plants in your home. Even as in nature photography, you can try to capture spontaneous moments rather than a fictional scene.

Fun With Water

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You can create creative frames using the reflective or drop structure of the water. For this, you can use the water drops on a glass, photograph the flow of water or capture the different reflections created by the water.

Use Curtains

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You can create unexpected atmospheres by using the light transmittance or structures of the curtains in your home. You can try to adjust the light and darkness by using roller blinds, fabric and patterned curtains. Using curtains, you can create creative squares, especially when photographing portraits.

Creative Scenarios at Home: Macro Shooting

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You can photograph each piece that you have decorated every corner of yourself and that has valuable meanings for you. Especially with macro shooting techniques, you can include small details in your home in a big scenario. For this, it will be enough to bring together a fun background and products that you will like to use.

Use Homemade Filters

photography tricks

Either use your phone or camera to take pictures; You can make your frames more creative with filters. For this, you can actually make filters from the materials in the house. For example, you can attach colored tapes to the edges of the camera to create color images. Likewise, you can benefit from color breaks by passing the colored bags to the camera lens.

Create Backgrounds from Screens

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The places you want to visit now may be the countries you want to visit. However, this process does not prevent you from taking the photos you want while you cannot leave the house. You can create your own background using the screen of your television or computer. You can even take advantage of the large light of the screen and consider it as an option in ambient lighting.

If you need more ideas, technique, tips and tutorials you can check our Photography page here.

May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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