How to shoot HDR photos and what are HDR photography techniques? In this article we will briefly talk about the HDR photography. First, let’s remember what HDR is.

HDR (High Dynamic Range), the frame is the same but different exposure 3-5 or 7 photos through the software, dark and light places are re-evaluated according to a certain logic into a single photo.

In short, the answer to what is HDR photography is the difference in light intensity between the luminous surface and the dark surface in the resulting photo.

With HDR shots, the light intensity is not uniformly distributed and, as mentioned above, the dark and light areas are too high, especially when shooting in reverse light, the light values in each photo frame are optimized differently and brought to balance.

If you know how to make exposure and you have enough information about exposure compensation, then you have all the information you need to take HDR photos. You don’t need expensive equipment for this. You can create HDR photos with almost any digital camera.

Also, if you are interested in taking HDR pictures, then we should always note that shooting in RAW should be preferred over JPG format, especially in terms of the ease with which the image is processed.

hdr photo sample
D3X, AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED, f/22, ISO 200

How should I take HDR photos?

Like anyone who has just started taking photos, you feel that you have gone through certain stages and that it is time to try new techniques. For this you have the option to take HDR photos but you don’t know how to do it. So let’s jump in to it.

Considering that you can get the image you want by using the aperture, shutter speed and ISO values, which are the necessary components for accurate exposure, all you need is exposure compensation and EV values. The following example gives you an idea, but let’s elaborate a little more on the subject.

hdr photo tips
At the top, the HDR photo was exposed with [+2EV] [+1EV] [0] [-1EV] [-2EV] and the final result at the bottom.

Taking HDR Photos

First of all, if you remember the other posts on our site clear photo means, sharp and high image quality .As much as you can, shoot at the lowest ISO values (ISO 100 – 200) provided by your camera as a natural ISO sensitivity.

Let’s say you take three photos. The basic logic in HDR technique is to provide the balance between dark and light areas. For this you can shoot with three different exposure values -2, 0 and +2. For a good result, this technique should be applied correctly to taken photos. In other words, you need to balance the dark and light areas with your values.

Considerations when taking HDR photos

The most important thing to note in an HDR shot is that the frame does not change. For this, there should be no movement in the photo frame. So it shouldn’t be very windy weather and moving items (such as humans, animals).
It is important that the camera stops moving and, if possible, use a tripod.
The photos taken can be transferred to software used to create HDR photos on the computer and the desired final photo can be created. If you wish, you can look at the camera settings for HDR shooting.

If you need more ideas, technique, tips and tutorials you can check our Photography page here.

May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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