The year 2020 did not start well and does not continue well. We need to stay more at home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and protect our loved ones. But what can we photography lovers do more at home under these conditions? Many of us may be at home without income, plus can we earn something? How can we further develop our talents? Here i will explain how we can use these times as ‘advantage’ i mean the things photographers can do in home. Turn on the cameras and start reading our article.

Review your photo archives!

9 Things Photographers Can Do In Quarantine

We take hundreds or even thousands of photos. When was the last time you looked at your hard drive? When was the last time you edited the photos? Review all photos; delete the bad ones. Open a new folder for the best ones, then arrange it to your liking. Look at your RAW files, convert them to JPEG format, preserving RAWs. It will also provide easier use for social media posts. If you even have an Instagram account, take photos you can share on this account.

Check out other works!

Things Photographers Can Do In Quarantine

Check out the work of other photographers to improve your photography eye. You can review hundreds or even thousands of photos on the websites like 500px and Flickr. Also look at different fields not related to photography but architectural drawings, illustrations, graphic works, calligraphy. Get inspired.

Build or edit a website!

Build a website 9 Things Photographers Can Do In Quarantine

Here is one of the coolest things photographers can do in home. Do you have a website where you display your photos? If not, prepare and edit. here is the thing to remember: is there still a website needed? Get online trainings on how to improve the website, what is SEO etc. Improve yourself. I’m not telling you to be a webmaster, but you know the domain best for your site!

What News From Your Social Media Accounts!?

photographer social media 9 Things Photographers Can Do In Quarantine

Social media is not necessarily a platform you should be, but it is an incredibly easy tool that you may want to show the photos you took, especially to your loved ones. If you don’t have one, open an Instagram account. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you like or followers. Just show your photos. You can also increase the number of these channels. You can add 500px for example. Although it is not highly recommended for Facebook and Twitter, you can also use these accounts for the photo gallery.

Print for Photos!

print your photos 9 Things Photographers Can Do In Quarantine

If you have photos that have been digital for a long time but cannot print, you can print them out. In fact, as we mentioned above, you can separate your photos that you will print while editing your photo. If you have a printer at home, you can use it or send it to online printing centers if you want to deal with it. Even try to print big for some photos, you may encounter unexpected results.

Take Shots for Stock Photography!

Stock Photography 9 Things Photographers Can Do In Quarantine

If you want to make some money, identify your objects, move to an area where you can make good light adjustments and take lots of photos. If you are asking what can happen, you will find it. However, while making this decision don’t think just by your country, there is no language of a photography. You should consider international and shooting all countries and cultures. Also make sure that brand names are not visible in object shots.

Work for photography!

work for photography 9 Things Photographers Can Do In Quarantine

See photography online courses; register and start training. Check out other posts on our site to improve yourself. Review the photo news. See the technical details and product features of your equipment. Make sure you discover so many things you don’t know! If there is an area you want to specialize in, for example macro photography, go to this area and dive into all subjects in detail.

Cleaning cameras and equipment!

cleaning camera 9 Things Photographers Can Do In Quarantine

When was the last time you cleaned your equipment? Take it all out of the bag, clean, wipe and shine one by one. Are there empty batteries? Fill it! It doesn’t matter whether your cards are full, half full, or less full. Put it all in your main memories and reset your cards.

Portrait and Macro Photo Shoots!

macro photography 9 Things Photographers Can Do In Quarantine

2 different areas I like to shoot at home are portrait and macro photography. You can find many models for your portrait for example; wife, mother, kids, cat. You can take natural photos. If your equipment is not ready for macro shooting, remove it, turn the wide-angle lens upside down and start macro shooting. First, identify the best objects you can use for shooting, the rest is easy.

So far we talked about 9 things photographers can do in home.

If you need more ideas, technique, tips and tutorials you can check our Photography page here.

May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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