In this article we will try to give you ideas, suggestions about the subjects you can shoot macro.
Macro shooting is a great type of photography. It reflects the great world of small objects. The photo gives viewers a little tour of the world of details. However, macro shooting is always seen and known as flower shooting, insect shooting. However, macro is a branch that allows a very wide range of subjects. Here you can find the following macro shooting topic ideas we have selected for you.

1 -) Nature

natureOf course, when you say macro shot, everyone can think of great shots taken in nature. It is perhaps the hardest, most known and most exhausting part of macro. For a butterfly or dragonfly, walking around the fields for hours, trying to protect from various wild animals… but we think it’s the most enjoyable part of the macro. It is a wonderful feeling to experience with your own eyes that there is another life on the surface of the earth other than humans.

2 -) Lego

lego“Lego”is one of the most beautiful objects for macro shooting, especially when it shows the cold face of winter. The lego worlds we created with our imagination in childhood can be recreated for photography. With Legos you can create great compositions. Legos are easy to find and incredibly numerous in variety.

3 -) Danbo


One of the greatest macro objects of recent times is the “Danbo” toys. Danbo is a robot character featured in a manga in Japan. It is made from a cardboard material. You can do it yourself, as you can buy from sites like Amazon. With Danbo toys you can create all kinds of compositions that you can think of.

4 -) Drop Photos


Another of the most beautiful subjects you can take with your macro lens in the home environment is drop photos. The most beautiful thing about drop photos is that they are captured in a different frame every time. You can use dark liquids such as milk and paint for better quality drop photos. So you can get great drops.

5 -) Product Shots


You can also shoot great products with your macro lens. Two cheap table lamps for these shots will be more than enough for you.

6 -) Various Toys


As with Legos, you can produce great compositions from other toys in your house.

7 -) Tissue Photos


Macro lenses can give incredible detail. With these lenses you can take texture photos and even make money by selling them on “stock” photo sites.

8 -) Food Photos


You can also take photos of food products with macro lenses. You can create compositions from food products and share them with everyone

so, it’s all in our imagination. If you have photos in different subjects taken with macro lenses, you can share them with us:)

If you need more ideas, technique, tips and tutorials you can check our Photography page here.

May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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