In this article you will find a many information and 8 important tips to take better photos.

With the development of technology, digital cameras and mobile phones began to be used a lot. This allowed photography as a hobby to be preferred by more people. Today, even via smartphones, great photos can be taken.

We know that there are a variety of simple, workable methods for taking beautiful photos and photographing the subject with the right techniques. It takes time to learn how to take good photos. It involves being patient and taking plenty of photos through trial and error, while learning constantly during this time. At this point, we tried to collect what needs to be considered in order to take better photos in general.

We are trying to update the information in this article with a few important tips to take more beautiful photos. Here are 8 Important Tips to Take Better Photos.

tips to take better photos

1. Holding The Camera Right

To take good photos, you should know how to hold your camera before doing research. It is important when applying the techniques you want to hold the camera correctly. When shooting, the left hand palm is facing up and facing forward, and the machine balance point should be fully seated in the palm.

2. Shooting With Correct Exposure Values

One of the most important elements in terms of photography techniques is how to apply the correct exposure. The exposure process is simply how you get the light through the machine. For accurate exposure, you need to use the ISO variable as well as the aperture and shutter speed. The shutter speed determines how long light enters the sensor or film, and the aperture determines how much it enters. In low-light environments and situations where these two are not enough, you can get the exposure you want by using the third component ISO correctly.

3. Use Of Light Sources

In photography, light is one of the most important factors that determines the quality of the image that you will get. The photographer should know how to shoot in natural and artificial light. So we need to learn to capture the light, measure it and see it turn around the object we want to photograph. Instead of photographing an object in front of you and moving on, be sure to try different angles for the same object / subject. In time, your eye will automatically capture the best possible aspect of light for your photo.

4. Composition In Photography

Composition is quite important in photography. For a good essay, it is important how you determine the focus of interest in photography, i.e. how you bring the subject forward. On the other hand, you need to interpret correctly whether or not to keep the objects that distort the rhythm in the frame. For this reason, you should first look at how you identify the subject and how appropriate you use your technique to take photos.

tips to take better photos

5. Perspective

In photography, perspective is as important as the subject. In summary, perspective allows us to feel and perceive the sense of depth and distance in the three-dimensional world in two dimensions. The most important element that determines perspex is the distance to the object. The depth effect increases as you approach the subject. So it is important to use perspective to take great photos. In photography, you can better manage perspective by specializing in subjects such as Bokeh, depth of field, shallow depth of field.

6. Get Closer To The Subject

If you don’t find your photos good enough, then you’re not very close to the subject. When you start taking photos, your frame, the subject, and the elements in the photo frame can show clutter until your perspective develop. If you focus on the frame of the photo you are planning to take, or get a little closer to the subject, you will fill the frame with the main subject and naturally add richness to your photo. Experiment with both kinds and compare your photos. You’ll see the difference between being close to the subject.

7. Correct Accessory Use

Always have all the necessary accessories for taking pictures, such as Tripod, flash, filters, etc. This equipment will enable you to develop faster in your new photography adventure. You will need these equipment when you want to use various photographic techniques such as long exposure and daytime long exposure.

8. Take More Photos

You’ve heard that from a lot of people. Yes professionals or people who have taken photos for a long time are not saying it wrong. The best way to improve your photography is by taking pictures every day and improving your technical knowledge. Try lots of different subjects and techniques, fast shutter speed, slow shutter speed, high iso, narrow or wide depth of field, etc. Feel free to take photos, spend shutters! Take plenty of photos, spend more time behind the viewfinder. This will enrich your point of view as well as naturally determine your photography style.


We tried to gather various tips and information that needed to be considered in order to take better photos. If you want to add, you can specify it as a comment and have it transferred to beginners.

If you need more ideas, technique, tips and tutorials you can check our Photography page here.

May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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