What is a wide angle lens? What are its advantages and what branches are it used in? What should you pay attention to when buying a wide lens, such as the topics we will try to tell you in this article.

Beginners to take photos use standard zoom lenses, which are often offered as kit lenses. However, after a while, like every user, the desired focal lengths vary, so they choose wide-angle lens. So what is a wide lens and why do we need a wide angle when taking photos?

A wide-angle lens has a wider angle of view than standard lenses and has a shorter focal length. It is the kind of lens that perceives the subject with a wider angle of view.

When considering full frame digital SLR cameras equivalent to 35mm, the focal length for a wide lens varies between 24mm and 35mm. For APS-C format or crop factor bodies, the focal length can be reduced by up to 15mm, multiplied by 1.5 x for Nikon.

According to these focal lengths, the lenses below 15mm vary as fish eye or ultra wide lenses, and the ones above as standard zoom and telephoto lenses. As a result, the focal length for a wide lens compared to full frame is usually expressed as under 35mm and above. The wide-angle zoom lens also determines the focal range from 24mm to 35mm.

wide angle lens

Area of Usage: Wide Angle Lens

The most common wide lens is landscape photography, as anyone can imagine. The most important reason for choosing a wide lens is the desire to see the integrity of the subject. On the other hand, the wide lens is used to achieve the widest image in very narrow areas.

In addition to landscape photography, the most common areas of wide lenses are interior and architectural photography. The primary function of the wide lens in these areas is that the photographer can take whatever shot he wants without getting too far away from the subject.

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