Prime vs Zoom lens is the whole point 🙂 After starting the photo, you will see one of the most frequently discussed subjects is the zoom lens or the prime lens.

Although the choice of Zoom lens or prime lens is entirely up to the photographer’s own preference, we will try to elaborate in this article, especially for those who remain in a dilemma at certain points.

As well as the advantages of using a Zoom lens, there are advantages to using a prime lens. For example, while using a zoom lens naturally eliminates the need to carry more lenses and change lenses frequently, prime lenses are smaller, lighter and more compact than zoom lenses. they offer a maximum aperture of up to f/2.8, f/1.8 and even f/1.4, indicating that they are faster.

Zoom Lens or Prime Lens? How Do I Determine The Choise?

For photography, another way to really improve your photographic skills is through the use of prime lenses. With the Prime lens, you have to approach the subject yourself and move away. This allows you to improve your frame by using a fixed focal length and at the same time have a shallow depth of field.

On the other hand, zoom lenses are suitable for plug-and-go use, instead of carrying three or four different lenses with you all the task of a single lens allows you to collect. It is also the greatest freedom you can experience with a zoom lens.

Well, I still like to hear you say which zoom lens or prime lens we should prefer:) obviously there is benefit in having both types of lens in your photo equipment. With optical quality, speed, focus and low light advantage, prime lenses can stand out a bit more.

prime vs zoom lens

You should choose zoom lenses because they offer free angle comfort, especially in action events, photography of children’s games and sports competitions. For example, using high quality zoom lenses for wedding photography is important because it will contribute to freedom and reduce lens change in limited time.

On the other hand, you will shoot a model or product from a fixed angle, then you can use your choice directly in favor of a prime lens. Or you’re going on a trip, but you’re not going to take your photo bag with you. If you only want to buy a camera and a lens, you may want to consider a long-range zoom lens as plug-and-go is suitable for use.

In short, it is more advantageous to use a prime lens for portrait photography as well as landscape photography, fashion and architectural photography, where clarity is at the forefront and you can use your lens from a fixed angle.

We hope that the zoom lens or prime lens is a little more illuminating information presented. In your comments you can specify which type of lens you like more and which lenses you use frequently.

We hope that we have given you a little better information about the zoom lens or the prime lens. In the comments you can specify which type of lens you like more and which lenses you use frequently.

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May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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