What is Lens hood? The Lens hood is an accessory that we attach to the end of the lens that you use with your camera, protecting (covering) the lens and preventing daylight from reflected in the lens.

Lens Hood is an accessory that usually comes with a lens for your DSLR camera, or can be acquired later according to the appropriate filter diameter.

The lens hood not only prevents the light that is met at the end of the lens from making flare, it is also a very important protector.

what is lens hood

What Is Lens Hood Used For?

The Lens hood is actually an important photographic equipment accessory. Some important photographers always travel with this important accessory in their lenses. It is sometimes even used in indoor shooting, even though there is no daylight. The most important reason for this is that it protects the lens against bumps.

Of course, none of us want a little scratch or stain on the windshield of the lenses we use. In addition, this important lens accessory, which prevents raindrops or snow from dampening the lens, also provides a certain degree of protection from dust that may occur if you are not standing against the wind.

In terms of its effect on photos, unwanted light from extreme angles, especially when shooting outdoors, is reflected from optical elements to prevent the image from time to time, known as flares. Unfortunately, this negatively affects the overall contrast in the photos.

What are the Types?

Lens hoods are manufactured according to the filter diameter, focal length and characteristics of the lens. Made of plastic and soft material, this lens accessory has varieties such as flat, rectangular, circular, Tulip and petal.

Matte Box, called the types of winged and filter can be installed, only one angle can cut the light from the models. If you’re wondering what accessories are available for Nikon lenses, in this case the British Lens Hoods site has made a nice list as to which lens hood can be used for each model. It is also possible to make it out of paper thanks to the pdf document provided according to the prototype model here.

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If you are using a UV filter or polarized filter with your lens, a point to be considered is the possibility that the lens hood may not provide adequate blockade due to the fact that the filter is located at a point further ahead than the lens glass. Especially in closed weather the light can reflect more from the ground, so covering the light coming from the sides with our hands or a cardboard can prevent glare.

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