Drones generally used for military purposes but drone photography have become the favorite in the industry. Today, two different drone types attract attention. One of them works with Wi-Fi and can be controlled by remote control. The other is defined as aircraft that are expected to provide internet access in regions where there is no internet access in the future and will be constantly in the air. The drone, which is used in sports, travel, cargo, photography, TV, is most useful for photographers. There are also rules that photographers who will use the drone for the first time should pay attention to. Although the drones, which are an expensive and interesting vehicle, are easy to use, the precaution should not be left behind.

Photographers who say “how to use the drone” and who will use the drone for the first time should pay attention to:

Know the limits of the drone.

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Photographers who will use the drone should first learn the usage and limits of the device. They should learn the important features of the drone such as maximum speed, altitude, landing and take-off speed. They must know well at what wind force the drone cannot stay constant or reverse. They must know in what weather conditions it does not work and is risky. To know how to use the drone, you need to learn the limits.

Be informed about legal processes.

Drone legal regulations that restrict their flights across the world. However, you still need to know about legal processes. The maximum altitude is 400 meters on the DJI Phantom 3 models and this is to ensure the safety of all other aircraft in the sky. It is strictly forbidden to fly to the airports 2km soon. In addition, those who say “how to use the drone” should know that they cannot view military zones, state-owned institutions and organizations, and security forces without permission.

Be sure to check the battery capacity.

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One of the things that photographers who will use the drone photography for the first time should pay attention is whether the battery is charged before the flight. At the same time, there should be no swelling in the batteries. In case of such a doubt, it is necessary to go to the technical service. If you are wondering how to use the drone, you need to calculate the charge rate of the batteries according to the airborne time. It is important to fully charge the batteries if shooting. By calculating the return path, you need to recall the device when the battery percentage starts to drop below 30.

Check the parts of the drone.

The first thing that photographers who will use drone for the first time should pay attention to is whether there is any damage to the drone. Do not forget to check the damaged parts before you fly the drone. Check if the propellers in the blades are tightly connected, otherwise the propeller leap after flight will cause the device to fall. Drones can be difficult to buy again, as they are expensive devices.

Get mobile device for drone.

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You should have a mobile device that will provide ease of use of the drone and watch flight features, settings, camera view. As photographers who will use the drone for the first time, you can install the control application of the manufacturer on your smartphone or tablet to make the necessary calibration frequency signal camera and many more settings.

Use updated software.

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Using a drone is not only with device information. Your software needs to be up to date. Being up to date software improves flight performance. As a drone photographer, you need to get updated information such as new features and no-fly zones.

Learn to choose areas for takeoff and landing.

Photographers who will use the drone for the first time should learn the take-off and landing areas according to the drone model and dimensions. Otherwise, you may cause damage to the drone on take-off and landing. At the same time, try not to take off in areas with objects under and near the trees, considering the possibility of using automatic takeoffs and landings.

Do not forget to follow the weather conditions.

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To drone photography, the weather conditions must be appropriate. You cannot make a healthy flight with your device in extreme windy, extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Taking photos with the drone will be an unreasonable move in bad weather conditions. You may cause the battery, motor and circuits to burn out due to overheating in excessive heat. You can cause metal parts to freeze in extreme cold.

Do not forget to determine the return home location.

Those who want to use the drone for the first time should definitely not forget to determine the return location. Otherwise, they may not get any more news from the device. If the home return home location is determined through the application, a written and audible warning is sent. Those who say how to use a drone will definitely need to use this feature.

Perform low altitude tests.

Photographers who will use the drone for the first time should first perform low altitude tests. Rise up immediately may not be logical. While low, the features of the drones will be discovered more easily.

This is our suggestion for photographers who want to how to use the drone. Photographers who will use the drone for the first time must be controlled. Uncontrolled flights can damage both the drone device and the area.

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May your light be bright. Stay healthy.

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